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Welcome to the ioWorks homepage. ioWorks is all about innovation, engineering and product development. With a passion for embedded electronics development and some Dutch common sence ioWorks is looking to put new technological advancements into pratical use. ioWorks specializes in the field of embedded electronics design, firmware and software development.

ioWorks is based in The Netherlands and serves customers worldwide. ioWorks sells customer specific products and offers embedded engineering design services to customers worldwide. Please refer to the products section for more details on the LED matrix display controllers.

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ioWorks started out designing and manufacturing purpose built LED matrix display solutions for indoor and outdoor applications. The unique aspect of the ioWorks LED display controllers is that they are interactive and truly portable. They can opperate from batteries and do not require a PC or Laptop to drive the display. As the display controllers are in-house developments they can be customised to meet any application: plain text, graphical warning signs, directional signs, interactive timers or counter.

Iamsterdam Sign

Youtrecht Sign

Alpha nummeric display

abc_ghf display

These display controllers are often used as interactive signs in medical or industial environments as they can be controlled directly from a PLC using standard ASCII characters or pre-loaded bitmaps. The dimensions of the display and the interface towards the display can be customised to meet specific requirements.



ioWorks creates and develops customer specific embedded electronics (hardware) including PCB layout, firmware and software development.

PCB layout

PCB layout and design

PCB ErwinO

PCB manufacturing and assembly (in China and/or Europe)


Firmware development - Bare metal 8/16/32 bit MCU or Embedded Linux (Embedded C and PIC18F ASM)


Software development - Windows GUI, Visual Studio, .NET


Data communication

Data communications is at the very heart of almost every embedded electronics application. That makes a lot of sense as what would be the value of data when it is not visible or accessible. ioWorks has gained a lot experience with various communication standards such as: Embedded TCP/IP, WiFi, Modbus, GSM, GPRS, SMS, SMPP, UCP, M2M, USB, DMX, RS232, RS422, RS485, I2C, SPI, DALLAS 1-wire...

Sensor integration

Integration of sensor technologies for measuring and detecting e.g. temperature, time, light, color, movement, distance, gas, etc... is a key requirement in many embedded applications. ioWorks has integrated many different types of sensors and specialises in high speed light barrier technology for the purpose of detecting objects passing through.

Portability and battery management

Lithium-ion and Lithium-polymer battery management are key requirements for applications that demand portability. ioWorks has gained a lot of experience with regards to the specific requirements for save and reliable charging and discharging of Li-ion batteries.


For durability all electronics require some sort of enclosure to protect it against the influences of mother nature. ioWorks has experience creating durable purpose built (CNC) plastic (PVC) enclosures according to their required IP rating.


The following customers use ioWorks technology.

Maastricht UMC+

UMC Maastricht - Display that indicates in wich recovery room patients are waking-up : UMC Maastricht


ScoreTec - Score boards and displays: ScoreTec


Eurolite - Display controller: Eurolite


Erwin Hendriks

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